FAPIG誌 最新号目次

2003−3/平成14年度 第3号(No.163)


目  次


高速実験炉「常陽」燃料取扱設備の自動化 (3)
藤沢盛夫 /高橋是道 / 新田和彦 / 大原紀和 / 田中光一
荒井 康 / 伊東秀明 / 鈴木寿章 / 皆籐泰昭 / 尻無濱立穂
高速実験炉「常陽」における装填燃料移送機の更新 (10)
伊崎 誠 / 鈴木富男 / 岡 俊彦 / 佐藤康士 / 金野 良
古野修作 / 横山茂樹 / 青木禧明 / 高塚忠彦 / 佐伯準二
朽木憲一 / 鈴木寿章 / 伊東秀明
高速実験炉「常陽」燃料交換計画管理システムの開発 (16)
高橋康一 / 伊東秀明 / 尻無濱立穂

■ 報  告
六ヶ所再処理施設建設工事における施工実績 (25)
中塚 寛 / 斎藤 悟
ソーラールーバー型太陽光発電システム (33)
児嶋 勝 / 黒川憲一 / 藤田健太郎 / 石川直暉

■ 紹  介
環境放射線監視システム (38)
木村 修 / 二村吉孝 / 古畑智和

■ グループ情報
FAPIGの機構 (44)

● Fresh Information(川崎重工) (24)



Automatic Operation of Fuel Handling System
in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO (3)
M. Fujisawa / Y. Takahashi / K. Nitta / N. Ohara / K. Tanaka
Y. Arai / H. Itoh / T. Suzuki / Y. Kaito / R. Shirinashihama
N. Kuchiki
Renovation of New Fuel Transfer Machine
in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO (10)
M. Izaki / T. Suzuki / T. Oka / K. Satou / R. Konno
S. Furuno / S. Yokoyama / Y. Aoki / T. Takatsuka / J. Saeki
N. Kuchiki / T. Suzuki / H. Itoh
Development of Refuel Planning Management System
in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO (16)
K. Takahashi / H. Itoh / R. Shirinashihama

■ Report
Construction Achievements at Building in Reprocessing Plant (25)
H. Nakatsuka / S. Saitou
Solar Louver Type Photovoltaic Power Generation System (33)
M. Kojima / K. Kurokawa / K. Fujita / N. Ishikawa

■ Introduction
Environmental Radiation Monitoring System (38)
O. Kimura / Y. Nimura / T. Furuhata

● Fresh Information (KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES) (24)

Cover Design:Minako Sakai


Morio Fujisawa, Yukimichi Takahashi, Kazuhiko Nitta, Norikazu Ohara, Kouichi Tanaka, Yasushi Arai, Hideaki Itoh, Toshiaki Suzuki, Yasuaki Kaito, Ritsuho Shirinashihama, Norikazu Kuchiki
Automatic Operation of Fuel Handling System in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO
FAPIG No. 163 pp.3〜9 (2003)

In order to practical utilization of the fast breeder reactor and development of technology to recycle nuclear fuel, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute is executing the plan to advance the fast experimental reactor "JOYO"(MK-III plan). Under MK-III plan, Fuji Electric Co. completed the manufacture of a new type fuel handling machine, the electric motorization of a fuel canning machine and the centralized automation of running of all fuel handling equipment with computers. These are able to shorten the fuel replacement period and the periodic inspection period through introducing shift scheme.

KEYWORDS:fast breeder reactor, JOYO, MK-III, fuel handling equipment , fuel handling machine , fuel canning machine, centralized automation of running, computers, shortening fuel replacement period, shift scheme

Makoto Izaki, Tomio Suzuki, Toshihiko Oka, Kouji Satou, Ryou Konno, Syusaku Furuno, Shigeki Yokoyama
Yoshiaki Aoki, Tadahiko Takatsuka, Jyunji Saeki, Norikazu Kuchiki, Toshiaki Suzuki, Hideaki Itoh
Renovation of New Fuel Transfer Machine in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO
FAPIG No. 163 pp.10〜15 (2003)

In the higher performance plan (MK-III plan) of the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO, fuel handling system has been renovated to remote control system to reduce refueling time.
As a part of this plan, new fuel transfer machine which is used to receive and transport new fuel, has been renovated completely to remote and automatic control system with no local operation and no local watching by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
In this paper, the design and fabrication of this system are described.

KEYWORDS:new fuel transfer machine, fuel handling system, remote and automatic control system, fast reactor JOYO

Kouichi Takahashi, Hideaki Itoh, Ritsuho Shirinashihama
Development of Refuel Planning Management System
in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO
FAPIG No. 163 pp.16〜23 (2003)

Reducing the refueling time is one of major item for MK-3 in order to improve irradiation capability of the experimental fast reactor JOYO. The fuel handling system was improved with using automatic control system from planning to execution for this aim.
As the refueling procedure of irradiation reactor is complex and characteristic, JOYO Optimum Refueling Planning System was developed to make optimum refueling plan and to control refueling work efficiently by the connecting of new fuel handling facility. This paper introduces the functions and features of JOYO Optimum Refueling Planning System.

KEYWORDS:planning system, process control system, move history management system
Hiroshi Nakatsuka, Satoru Saitou
Construction Achievements at Building in Reprocessing Plant
FAPIG No. 163 pp.25〜32 (2003)

We have constructed simultaneously four buildings, AB building, DB building, DC building, and KA building in the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant at Rokkasyo village in Aomori.
We were able to complete the massive and complicated building in the highest quality by the method of prefabrication of site work in a short construction term.
Moreover, also in the severe winter season, we practiced construction work intentionally. Consequently, we completed three buildings, AB building, DB building, and DC building without the trouble last year.

KEYWORDS:reprocessing plant, massive and complicated building, method of prefabrication of site work, severe winter season

Masaru Kojima, Kenichi Kurokawa, Kentarou Fujita, Naoki Ishikawa
Solar Louver Type Photovoltaic Power Generation System
FAPIG No. 163 pp.33〜37 (2003)

In 2002, the Diet recognized the ratification plan of Kyoto Protocol to prevent the global warming and Japan obliges to reduce 6% reduction of the greenhouse effect gases compared to the level on 1990 and so, the contribution to the global environment is strongly required by the introduction of the new energy systems.
From the viewpoint that the photovoltaic power generation system plays a part of this requirements, EBARA Corporation is manufacturing the solar module using the monocrystal silicon solar cell by the technology of dendritic web crystal growth developed by EBARA Solar, Inc..
We have supplied the photovoltaic power generation system to make the most of the characteristics of this solar module made by EBARA Solar, Inc. to the new research facility of Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.
We introduce summary of this system.

KEYWORDS:the 3rd session of the conference of the parties to the united nations framework convention on climate change, Kyoto protocal, photovoltaic power generation system, solar cell, solar module, dendritic web crystal growth, institute for global environmental strategies, solar louver, monocrystal silicon

Osamu Kimura, Yoshitaka Nimura, Tomokazu Furuhata
Environmental Radiation Monitoring System
FAPIG No. 163 pp.38〜43 (2003)

According to the various laws and guidelines, the radiation control is strictly managed in facilities handling radioactive materials such as nuclear power plants.
Up to now, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. has supplied a large number of Radiation Control Systems to the nuclear facilities including nuclear power plants.
With this report we introduce the environmental radiation control system for OHI Nuclear Power Station of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., which measures γ-radiation dose rate at near fields to the boundary of controlled area surrounding the power station.
Monitoring post installed in everywhere surrounding the power station, this system measures γ-radiation dose rate continuously from ranging the normal background level to the higher one assumed for accident.
Thus the radiation level at surrounding area of the power station can be monitored.

KEYWORDS:radiation monitoring, monitoring post, gamma ray, NaI-scintillation detector, ionization detector







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