FAPIG誌 最新号目次

2020−2 / 令和元年度 第1号(No.196)


目  次

■ 報  告
JAEA 廃棄物処理施設(OWTF)見学会の報告 ( 3 )
片岡 昇
福島第一原子力発電所 見学会の報告 ( 4 )
片岡 昇
FAPIG 勉強会の報告 自分たちが目指す未来の働き方を描くワークショップ ( 6 )
片岡 昇

■ 紹  介
高速増殖原型炉もんじゅ 燃料体取出し作業の開始 ( 8 )
古賀和浩 / 鈴木和則 / 高木剛彦 / 浜野知治
北陸電力株式会社 殿 志賀原子力発電所 出入管理設備 (16)

■ 解  説
原子力施設の廃止措置を行うための放射化計算法 (23)

■ 論  文
固体廃棄物減容処理施設(OWTF)における焼却溶融炉 並びに周辺設備 (31)
武仲五月 / 佐藤康士 / 福田誠司 / 朽木憲一 / 堂野前 寧 / 菊地優輝

FAPIGの機構 (37)




■ Report
Tour Report:Visit to OWTF / JAEA ( 3 )
N. Kataoka
Tour Report: Visit to TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi ( 4 )
N. Kataoka
FAPIG Workshop Report:What our future work style would be? ( 6 )
N. Kataoka

■ Introduction
Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor“ Monju” Start of Unloading Operation of the Fuel Assembly from the Core ( 8 )
K. Koga / K. Suzuki / T. Takagi / T. Hamano
Hokuriku Electric Power Company Shika Nuclear Power Station Access Control Equipment (16)
I. Ogura

■ Commentary
Method of Radioactivation Calculation Necessary for Decommissioning of
Nuclear Facilities (23)
K. Kosako

■ Paper
Melting/Incineration Furnace and Peripheral Equipments in OWTF (31)
S. Takenaka / K. Sato / S. Fukuda / N. Kuchiki
Y. Donomae / Y. Kikuchi

Cover Design:Yuko Suzuki



Kazuhiro Koga, Kazunori Suzuki, Tsuyohiko Takagi, Tomoharu Hamano
Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor “Monju” Start of Unloading Operation of the Fuel Assembly from the Core
FAPIG No. 196 pp.8 to 15 (2019)
The prototype fast breeder reactor “Monju” has already started (from June 2017) the unloading operation period (about 5.5 years: until the end of 2022) of the fuel assembly, which is the first stage of decommission. Among them, the first “Processing of fuel assembly” operation (86 in total) was conducted from August 2018 to January 2019 as the first handling of the fuel assembly.
Fuji Electric provided technical support, such as dispatching technicians throughout the period, in cooperation with Japan Atomic Energy Agency for the "Processing of fuel assembly" operation, and contributed to the completion of the operation while experiencing various troubles.
This manuscript introduces the contents of the first "Processing of fuel assembly" operation and the overview of the trouble status.

KEYWORDS:fast reactor, Monju, unloading, decommission

Ichiro Ogura
Hokuriku Electric Power Company Shika Nuclear Power Station Access Control Equipment
FAPIG No. 196 pp.16 to 22 (2019)
Summary:Given the need for stricter radiation exposure control for workers working at nuclear power plants, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. has manufactured and delivered the access control equipment for Shika Nuclear Power Station under the guidance and cooperation of Hokuriku Electric Power Company. In this paper, therefore, we introduce the particular equipment equipped with the following functions:
-Preventing from entering the radiation control area when wearing other person’s glass badge or not wearing any dosimeters or glass badges; and
-Reducing the burden on workers

KEYWORDS:Access Control Equipment stricter radiation exposure control

Kazuaki Kosako
Method of Radioactivation Calculation Necessary for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
FAPIG No. 196 pp.23 to 30 (2019)
It is anticipated that the decommissioning of the commercial nuclear power plants and the high energy accelerator facilities will increase in future. To abolish and release the radiation control area of nuclear facilities with radioactivity, the evaluation is necessary to the amount of activated radioactivity in the apparatus, equipment and structure in the control area. We explain the method of radioactivity calculation to obtain the concentration distribution of activated radioactivity in the nuclear facility. We explain the contents and present situations of the neutron transport calculation method, the activation cross section, and the decay data. Then, the outline of the currently available radioactivity calculation codes is described.

KEYWORDS:decommissioning, nuclear facility, radioactivity, radioactivity calculation, activated radioactivity, neutron transport calculation, decay data, activation cross section, radioactivity calculation code

Satsuki Takenaka, Koji Sato, Seishi Fukuda, Norikazu Kuchiki, Yasushi Donomae, Yuki Kikuchi
Melting/Incineration Furnace and Peripheral Equipments in OWTF
FAPIG No. 196 pp.31 to 36 (2019)
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Oarai Research & Development Institute is storing their radioactive waste in the area of the institute. The capacity of the storage is limited, therefore they have constructed Oarai Waste Reduction Treatment Facility (OWTF), which was finished in March 2019.
OWTF processes the mixed solid waste of burnable objects (paper, clothe), non-flammable object (vinyl chloride), and metal.
This paper introduces the melting/incineration furnace, the main parts of OWTF, designed and manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

KEYWORDS:volume reduction, waste process, melting, incineration, remote controlled, induction coil







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