FAPIG誌 最新号目次

2008−7/平成20年度 第1号(No.177)


目  次

■ 随  想
ウランとジルコニウムの「袖擦り合うも多生の縁」 ( 3 )

■ 紹  介
新型汚染モニタの開発 ( 6 )
橋本忠雄 / 長谷川透 / 福本圭佑 / 大木 靖
-概要とトピックス- (12)
羽賀勝洋 / 粉川広行 / 涌井 隆 / 花野耕平 / 二川正敏
空冷式熱交換器について (18)
J-PARC核破砕中性子源用水銀循環設備とターゲット容器交換台車の製作 (22)
粉川広行 / 木下秀孝 / 羽賀勝洋 / 涌井 隆 / 相澤秀之
神永雅紀 / 二川正敏 / 佐藤真一 / 森 清治
振動式樹脂洗浄装置 (28)
三浦信二 / 菊池香織 / 上野修一 / 大平 拓/ 笹木弘之
石黒修二 / Roger Asay / Richard Kohlmann
富士通グループの環境への取組み (34)
高橋淳久 / 朽網道徳 / 山崎誠也

■ グループ情報
FAPIGにおける原子力PA活動について (42)
FAPIGの機構 (44)

表紙デザイン:キム ミンコン



■ Essay
A Destiny That Makes U and Zr Brothers ( 3 )
K. Sato

■ Introduction
Development of Radioactive Surface Contamination Monitor ( 6 )
T. Hashimoto / T. Hasegawa / K. Fukumoto / Y. Ooki
Completion of J-PARC Mercury Target System
-Outline and Topics- (12)
K. Haga / H. Kogawa / T. Wakui / K. Hanano / M. Futakawa
Summary of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (18)
T. Watanabe
Fabrication of Mercury Circulation System and Target Exchange Truck
for J-PARC Spallation Neutron Source (22)
H. Kogawa / H. Kinoshita / K. Haga / T. Wakui / H. Aizawa
M. Kaminaga / M. Futakawa / S. Satou / S. Mori
Advanced Resin Cleaning System (28)
S. Miura / K. Kikuchi / S. Ueno / T. Ohira / H. Sasaki
S. Ishiguro / Roger Asay / Richard Kohlmann
Fujitsu Group's Environmental Activities (34)
A. Takahashi / M. Kutami / S. Yamazaki

■ FAPIG Activities
FAPIG's Activities for Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy (42)
T. Mizoguchi

Cover Design:Kim, Min-Gun



Tadao Hashimoto, Toru Hasegawa, Keisuke Fukumoto, Yasushi Ooki
Development of Radioactive Surface Contamination Monitor
FAPIG No. 177 pp.6〜11 (2008)

In the radiation facilities such as nuclear power plants, surface contamination of the people accessing or articles conveyed in and out of the radiation controlled areas is detected and monitored by installing contamination monitors at the boundary of controlled areas and uncontrolled areas against the expansion of the radioactive materials to out of the facilities. It is required for the surface contamination of articles to be tightened of control criteria as “Guidelines for discrimination ways of nonradioactive waste (not classified as radioactive waste) generated from nuclear power plants” (hereinafter referred to as “the Guideline”) was established by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in August, 2005. It predicts that the control criteria of monitors other than article monitors are also tightened in the future.
Fuji electric has been fabricating and delivering surface contamination detecting monitors. Now we are developing the new contamination monitor corresponding to the tightening of the control criteria.
“Large article transfer monitor”, “Clothing monitor” and “Body surface contamination monitor” are introduced in this article.

KEYWORDS:article transfer monitor, clothing monitor, body surface contamination monitor

Katsuhiro Haga, Hiroyuki Kogawa, Takashi Wakui, Kohei Hanano, Masatoshi Futakawa
Completion of J-PARC Mercury Target System
-Outline and Topics-
FAPIG No. 177 pp.12〜17 (2008)

The construction of the mercury target system of 1MW spallation neutron source in J-PARC was completed and now all the system is ready to receive the first proton beam. In this paper, the outline of the mercury target system and several topics appeared in the course of the system fabrication and assembling are presented; i.e. the residual stress in the beam window caused by welding process in the target vessel and its improved fabrication process, the R&D of the rotated permanent magnet pump (PM pump) for the mercury circulation system and the target trolley installation.

KEYWORDS:mercury target, spallation neutron source, J-PARC project, residual stress, PM pump, target trolley

Tomonori Watanabe
Summary of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
FAPIG No. 177 pp.18〜21 (2008)

The Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are widely used for condensation and cooling of various fluids (steam, gas, water, oil, etc.) in various fields (petrochemical, power generation, energy recycle, etc.) and it is not exceptional equipment for nuclear energy field.
This report describes the summary of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, mainly about the function and construction managed by Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd

KEYWORDS:air cooled, heat exchanger, condenser, fin tube, embedded fin, tube bundle

Hiroyuki Kogawa, Hidetaka Kinoshita, Katsuhiro Haga, Takashi Wakui
Hideyuki Aizawa, Masanori Kaminaga, Masatoshi Futakawa, Shin-ichi Satou, Seiji Mori
Fabrication of Mercury Circulation System and Target Exchange Truck
for J-PARC Spallation Neutron Source
FAPIG No. 177 pp.22〜27 (2008)

Materials and Life Science Facility is one of the experimental facilities of Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC). The mercury circulation system and the target exchange truck for the spallation neutron source of J-PARC are presented in this paper. The functions of the mercury circulation system are to supply mercury to the target vessel, and to cool down the mercury that is heated by proton beam injection. The target exchange truck is used to remove a used target vessel and to install a new target vessel by remote operation.

KEYWORDS:proton accelerator, J-PARC, spallation neutron, mercury circulation, target replacement, remote operation

Shinji Miura, Kaoru Kikuchi, Syuichi Ueno, Taku Ohira, Hiroyuki Sasaki, Shuji Ishiguro, Roger Asay, Richard Kohlmann
Advanced Resin Cleaning System
FAPIG No. 177 pp.28〜33 (2008)

Novel and unprecedented ion exchange resin cleaning system, for use in BWR plants and featuring a vibration separator and basic design factors of Radiological Solutions, Inc., had been delivered to Tokai No. 2 Power Station, Japan Atomic Power Company, in October 2005. This compactly-designed system effectively separates crud and resin fines from ion exchange resins, with no clogging of separation screens. It generates minimized waste liquid and has a specially designed over-pack cleaning tank. The system has been in operation for about 2 years and half now and favorable operational data, such as crud and sulfate concentration decrease in feed water and reactor water respectively, and evaluation results have been reported from Japan Atomic Power Company and so on.

KEYWORDS:ion exchange resin cleaning system, feed water, reactor water

Atsuhisa Takahashi, Michinori Kutami, Seiya Yamazaki
Fujitsu Group's Environmental Activities
FAPIG No. 177 pp.34〜41 (2008)

The Fujitsu Group has been conducting a variety of environmental activities, thinking that environmental management is one of the most important issues as the corporate value. And the environmental activities have been promoted in all of the business division under the slogan, “We Make Every Activities Green”. Moreover, from December 2007, Fujitsu Group started a new project called Green Policy Innovation to address recent environmental global issues. This project aims to reduce the environmental burdens of customers through our Green IT. This paper introduces the framework of the Fujitsu Group's environmental policy and gives an overview of the Group's environmental management and activities.

KEYWORDS:environmental management, green IT







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